architect: studio A+I An infinite forest, generated by having 3 facing mirror walls along each side of the triangular block, defines the park and the memorial. There are no separate statues, sculptures or plaques. The memorial lives within the infinite reflection of the white birch trees. We hope this park will be all things to all people: the children playing in the bounds of the mirrored forest, the weary commuter seeking a respite in the midst of the city and those visitors coming in memory of their more


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archi: SOM Outside Istanbul SOM has designed a building to house banking support services for Akbank, one of Turkey’s most prominent banks. Large office floors are enclosed with white metal-and-glass curtain wall, designed as an interwoven pattern that originates from the horizontal and vertical structure of the building. Exterior wall panels are strategically located to maximize vision area while minimizing interior heat gain and glare.