Simply put, this house is like a geometric forest.Combining untreated wood in its natural form in an irregular lattice to create a loose boundary. Natural breeze flows through the gaps, and strong summer sun is shielded by this loose lattice structure; between nature and artificiality. A place both loosely protected and at the same time, thoroughly open. One is able to physically climb through this lattice, to the upper part of the structure is a space like a sky-terrace where one can find a place of refuge. Move through the space like climbing a tree.

The gaps, or spaces between the lattice structure can be used as shelves, or a place for your favorite pot-plant. A place to live, can be re-written as a place filled with opportunities or cues where one can engage, it is also a place to harness and invite elements such as wind and sun to orchestrate a pleasant space. This Forest of lattice structure will be place for living which is new yet primitive.


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Architect :  Andy Bernheimer Houses throughout the 20th Century have attempted to create a seamless transition between interior and exterior through the use of transparency.  Rather than induce contact between the two, however, the use of glass has only served to isolate the two into hermetically sealed conditions which, through the use of ever more efficient technological envelopes and climate control systems, have less and less to do with each other.


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“Didier Fiuza Faustino works reciprocally summons up art from architecture and architecture from art, indistinctly using genres in a way that summarises an ethical and political attitude about the conditions for constructing a place in the socio-cultural fabric of the city. Spaces, buildings and objects show themselves to be platforms for the intersection of the individual body and the collective body in their use." read more http://didierfaustino.com/ [gallery link="file" columns="1" orderby="title"]


architect: studio A+I An infinite forest, generated by having 3 facing mirror walls along each side of the triangular block, defines the park and the memorial. There are no separate statues, sculptures or plaques. The memorial lives within the infinite reflection of the white birch trees. We hope this park will be all things to all people: the children playing in the bounds of the mirrored forest, the weary commuter seeking a respite in the midst of the city and those visitors coming in memory of their loss...read more http://aidsmemorialpark.org/winner


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archi: SOM Outside Istanbul SOM has designed a building to house banking support services for Akbank, one of Turkey’s most prominent banks. Large office floors are enclosed with white metal-and-glass curtain wall, designed as an interwoven pattern that originates from the horizontal and vertical structure of the building. Exterior wall panels are strategically located to maximize vision area while minimizing interior heat gain and glare.


archi: Trahan The Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame (LSMSHOF) celebrates two seemly disconnected subjects within one contemporary venue, combining North Louisiana’s profound history with its influential world of sports. Designed by Trahan Architects, in coordination with Method Design and CASE, the new $12.6 million venue will house donated memorabilia that embodies “the contributions of the diverse cultures that have shaped the state and are crucial to understanding the unique traditions and legacy of Louisiana and the Gulf South.” A complex design, generated with the help of BIM technology, reflects the disparate subjects in one fluid structure encased within a locally inspired facade.


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